Kids coaching is a private consultation with children ages Pre-K to high school age. Families seek coaching to help kids and teens solve particular problems, such as facing a school bully. We will meet in a fun, playful and warm environment (with developmentally appropriate toys if appropriate) and talk about ways to address the problem. We will develop the skills necessary to overcome challenges and practice those solutions together (this is called rehearsal).

Examples of challenges that parents seek kids coaching for are:

  • skills of making new friends
  • assertiveness training for dealing with school bullies
  • developing skills in self control and anger management
  • learning to cooperate with siblings
  • developing strategies to deal with the normal fears and worries of childhood
  • handling homework or other responsibilities at home
  • ideas for kids who go between mom and dad’s houses
  • helping kids transition to school, camp, college
  • helping middle schoolers deal with peer pressure